Thursday, March 13, 2014

Interview with Thomas Sainsbury (Auckland, New Zealand)

What was your first experience of theater that converted you to wanting to pursue it as a career?

When I was nine I watched a production of Little Shop of Horror performed by my home town operatic society and became obsessed with the show and with carnivorous plants. I promptly went home and wrote a sequel (set in a school but with essentially the same plot). I read the script in front of my class and they loved it. My teacher then asked me to produce it for the school assembly that Friday. So I had three days to get an entire show together. I still have anxiety nightmares about that time. But I've been hooked on theatre ever since.

If you could have a drink with any dramatist (living or dead) who would it be and why?

Too many! Tennessee Williams. Because he writes so wonderfully and I reckon we would be pals. I feel he must have a sense of humor.

Why is theater important to you?

Because it's all about make believe and the imagination and stories - my favorite things. You also get to hang out with hot looking actors all the time.

If you could have one of your plays produced in any country in the world, which play and which country would you choose, and why?

Great question! Umm. My black comedy, Sunday Roast (a play about a farming Dynasty and their grotesque tastes), performed throughout Britain. Because I think they would really connect with it. I'd also like to perform my dancical (yes that's a musical where singing is replaced with dancing) in San Francisco and New York cos I reckon they'd like it there. 

Thomas Sainsbury (New Zealand) Born in Matamata Thomas moved to Auckland to do a BA at the university there. After choosing English Literature and Theatre as his major, he has been involved as a writer, director and performer for both university productions and the underground theatre scene. After graduating he formed the theatre company Fingerprints and Teeth Productions. With this company he has written and produced his plays Main Street, Basement and Caustic. In 2007 Thomas directed the University of Auckland Outdoor Summer Shakespeare, won Playmarket's Young Playwright competition for the fourth time, has represented New Zealand at the Biannual World Interplay festival in Townsville, Australia, and is having his play, Caustic, workshopped in the Adam Playreadings at Downstage.

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