Friday, March 14, 2014

A Big Hug to All For All of You from Colombia… an Interview with Luz Estrada

What was your first experience of theater that converted you to wanting to pursue it as a career?

It was the fate... I was 17 and I was going to study journalism; but one day, by mistake, I walked into an acting class and I spent all day long there... I forgot the time and I felt like a child... And I decided that it was what I wanted to do all my life.

If you could have a drink with any dramatist (living or dead) who would it be and why?

Moliere... because I love comedy, I love watching people laugh... and he´s the master of comedy for me.

Why is theater important to you?

The theater is important to me because it heals bodies and souls.

If you could have one of your plays produced in any country in the world, which play and which country would you choose, and why? 

I have a black comedy called "The Theory of Uncertainty"... it´s a comedy about how unpredictable life is and I would love to see it on Broadway, because it is the best permanent window to see theater of the highest quality... and also you, guys, are there... and you could perform it... ja,ja,ja... Do you want to read it?

Luz Estrada (Colombia) Actress, writer, producer and Colombian hostess. She studied acting at the Antioquia University and then, she won a scholarship to make a master in Dramaturgy at the same university. She has more than 20 years of acting experience and she´s performed in more than thirty soap operas, series, plays and movies. She had studied with some of the greatest teachers ever, like Robert Mackee, the Spanish Jose Sanchis Sinisterra and the Argentinian playwright Rafael Spregelburd. She´s written and produced around twenty scripts and plays for short films and theater; some of the most known are Aqualia, a play for children which has had several seasons abroad and it participated in the 2010 “FESTIVAL IBEROAMERICANO DE TEATRO” in Bogota. Her play El Hombre Reina Y La Mujer Gobierna, a singular mix between a soliloquy and a stand-up comedy won The Best Monologue Award from Bogota in 2012 and it has had a great reception among the audience and critics. Currently, she’s working as a scriptwriter at Sagitario Films, an audiovisual company, and she´s making a new project called La Vida Alegre a tragicomedy melodramatic and “almost” autobiographical play that is going to be on stage pretty soon in Colombia.

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