Thursday, March 21, 2013

NYC World Theatre Day Performances

Clown Bar by Adam Szymkowicz
Now - 3/29 @ 9PM 
Produced by Pipeline Theatre Company @ Parkside Lounge
When Happy’s junkie brother Timmy is found dead, Happy returns to his old clown life to ask a few questions. But can he go home again without getting sucked into the seedy clown underbelly of vice and violence?...

The Drawer Boy by Michael Healey
Now - 3/23 @ 8PM
Produced by Oberon Theatre Ensemble @ June Havoc Theatre
Two aging bachelor farmers in 1972 rural Ontario, both World War II veterans and lifelong friends, share a quiet and uneventful life based on stories and routine. Their lives are comically disrupted when a young, energetic actor from the big city shows up on their doorstep wanting to live and work with them as research for a play about farming. As the actor immerses himself, The Farmers' darkest secrets become part of the actor's play and the lines between theatre and life, and memory and reality, become blurred. Heartbreak and levity mix in this extraordinary play about storytelling and how it transforms our lives.

rogerandtom by Julien Schwab
Now - 3/23 @ 7PM
Produced by Personal Space Theatrics  @ HERE Arts Center
One hour of mind-bending, head-scratching, meta-meta-quasi-romanti-tragi-dramedy. Question the characters. Question the actors. Question yourself. Penny is Penny. But Richard is William. And you are just a member of the audience. Or are you? Just how impenetrable is the fourth wall?

The Traged of King Arthur by W. Shakespeare by Arthur Phillips
3/22–4/7 @ various times
Produced by Guerrilla Shakespeare Project  @ TBG Theatre
World premiere stage adaptation of the acclaimed novel 'The Tragedy of Arthur'

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