Friday, February 24, 2012

2012 NYC WTD blog starts 2/27

Every year on March 27th, World Theatre Day is celebrated internationally and messages of peace and social importance are distributed and read at thousands of performances around the globe.

Here in NYC we celebrate WTD for the entire month of March. Lots of events and performances are being scheduled (more details coming soon). In the meantime we have some incredibly insightful and talented theatre artists; local artists as well as from across the country and around the world who will be sharing their thoughts on theatre and WTD right here on our blog.

We are very excited to share their perspectives with our community. Please check back starting February 27th for the first post.


  1. Hello: I am originally from Mexico Oscar Ortiz, Director of Double-double Performing Art Company, I live in Toronto On, Canada, and I am organizing the Festival of World Theatre Day 2012 in Toronto, I would like to know if there are ways to join in the coalition that have formed and have an exchange of ideas to strengthen this global celebration.,
    Cell: 647 854 5121

  2. Please can send the original version of the message of World Theatre Dai, written by Jhonn Malkovich, and assume they think you see express that message.